Tweets and treats of 2014

I've made it past Christmas and it's is only one night left before I will leave the Castle square in Gävle and travel to China. I'm keeping my fingers crossed to keep the arsonists away for another night. 

It's also time to summarize december of 2014. Here's my very own list of this years best tweets and treats. Thank you all for all great post, updates and surprises.

Best morning routine.
There are many good behaviours and daily routines to follow or be impressed by. They all make life a lot simpler. @J_Amundson proved to have the best one yet :-) 

Best goat-selfie
The Burns family. The left Scotland just to visit me and take some great goat-selfies. They also named me Geoff which was a bit... unexpected ;-)
Despite your unfortunate lastname :-), I really love you all!

Best act-of-goat-love
Fans from "down under" and the USA ordered online-pizza to my guards. They loved it! And I stayed well-protected and alive :-)

Best copy-goat
Directly from Boston, USA. A sibling, a friend, a kinsmen. In short: a very beautiful strawgoat!

Best security detail
I ought to salute my own team, they did an amazing job. And the taxidrivers of Gävle who helped chase hoodlums away. But I've fallen in love with this little gnome-guard protecting a very small goat. 

Best tribute
No doubt. Best tribute is my very own karaoke-song made by @lordhank. You made me cry full of pride :-)

Biggest surprise
All new followers. Plus 4500 followers on Twitter since december 1st. Amazing! And tweets in all possible languages swedish, arabic, danish, finnish, portuguese, english, dutch, japanese, german and french.

Biggest disappointment
Hoodlums, vandals and/or gangstaz knocked down my little brother. I hope there's a warrant out!

Best oldie but goldie
My probably oldest fan and follower lives in the U.S.A. She almost 80 and seem to eat my goatish tweets for breakfast, lunch and dinner...

That's all folks! Stay tuned to follow my first abroad journey ever. I'm off to China, changing my strawcoat for a flowercoat, getting cheered and hopefullt not burned... Otherwise: I'll see you next Christmas.